Deranged Bandit leader


Barlow and his brigade of brigands has plagued Blacktyde lands for the best part of a year. He is elusive and cunning but little is known of his background. He is a tall man, lean and in possession of a nasty scar running along his left eye.

Lichero revealed that Barlow was originally a Hedge Knight from the Riverlands who turned to banditry during the War of the Usurper before the decisive Battle of The Trident. He decided that he could earn more coin doing as he pleased than slogging through death and high water for the glory of the Tully/Baratheon forces.

Since then he has devolved into a sociopathic leader of base men. Liberating them (or perhaps even forcing them) from their mundane existences in order to serve his interests and line their pockets. It appears he has a twisted taste for women, having abducted almost a score of women in his current campaign against Tydehold.

It appears certain that the campaign he is leading has been paid for and sanctioned by a higher power – someone with the coin and the motive to set Barlow loose in Blacktyde lands in order to do damage to House Blacktyde. Already there have been attempts on Lord Rodrik and his children’s lives, with Barlow seemingly intent on doing damage not only to the people of Tydehold and the surrounding lands but to the Blacktydes themselves.


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