Lord Rodrik Blacktyde

The Lord of House Blacktyde.


Abilities & Specialties

Agility: 3
Animal Handling: 3 (1B Ride)
Athletics: 3
Awareness: 3
Cunning: 4 (1B Logic, 1B Memory)
Deception: 3
Endurance: 3
Fighting: 3 (1B Long Blades, 1B Shields)
Healing: 2
Language: 3
Knowledge: 3 (1B Education)
Marksmanship: 2
Persuasion: 4
Status: 4 (2B Breeding, 2B Stewardship)
Stealth: 2
Survival: 2
Thievery: 1
Warfare: 5 (2B Command, 2B Strategy, 1B Tactics)
Will: 3 (1B Dedication)


Head of House: You command your House. +2 on Status tests.
Authority: Reduce disposition penalties to Persuasion by 2.
Talented (Warfare): +1 to Warfare test results.


Haunted: -1D Awareness, but on first round of combat may add number of Memory dice to Fighting test results.
Nemesis: You have a destructive enemy who holds you in utter contempt.

Combat & Intrigue Vitals

Combat Defence: 7
Health: 9
Movement: 4 Move / Sprint 16 [Base] | 3 Move / Sprint 9 [Armored]

Intrigue Defence: 11
Composure: 9


Age: 40

Lord Rodrik Blacktyde is the current ruler of House Blacktyde and occupies their seat at Tydehold. A skilled military commander and tactician, Lord Rodrik is a veteran of the War of the Usurper and the Greyjoy Rebellion.

It was during the War of the Usurper that Lord Rodrik enjoyed both his finest and darkest military hour. His families allegiance to House Targaryen is strong, dating back to the time of Aegon’s Conquest and when war broke out, the Blacktyde’s answered The Mad King’s call. Lord Rodrik distinguished himself in skirmishes against Baratheon forces and played an important role in pushing Lord Stannis back into Dragonstone where he was besieged by the Tyrells for much of the war’s duration.

Unfortunately for House Blacktyde, the Targaryens were losing the war. Lord Rodrik would not yield, however, and fell back to his castle in Tydehold seeking to defend his lands until Dornish forces could arrive and sweep the enemy from the field. At least, that was the plan until Ser Arthur Blacktyde, Lord Rodrik’s younger brother, stepped in.

Ser Arthur plotted against his brother and opened the gates to their besiegers. Tydehold was sacked and the castle mostly destroyed in the chaos. Lord Rodrik was forced to yield to spare his holdings further destruction and bent the knee to King Robert. Ser Arthur was banished from Blacktyde lands and the two brothers are bitter enemies. The entire experience still haunts Lord Rodrik who blames himself for being unable to see the treachery within his own walls and hates his brother for betraying the honor of the house.

Lord Rodrik now rules from a considerably less prestigious Hall in Tydehold, and the ruins of his former castle still stand. A constant reminder of what was and the events that led to its loss.

Lord Rodrik Blacktyde

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