Martyn Vargas

Castellan of Tydehold


Abilities & Specialties

Agility: 3
Animal Handling: 2 (1B Ride)
Athletics: 3 (1B Strength)
Awareness: 4
Cunning: 3
Deception: 3
Endurance: 4
Fighting: 3 (2B Long Blades, 1B Short Blades)
Healing: 2
Language: 3
Knowledge: 2
Marksmanship: 2
Persuasion: 3 (1B Convince)
Status: 4 (1B Reputation)
Stealth: 2
Survival: 2
Thievery: 2
Warfare: 4 (1B Strategy, 1B Tactics)
Will: 3 (1B Courage)


Attractive: Re-roll 1s on Persuasion tests.


Cursed: 1 in 6 chance of Destiny Point having no effect, and the point is wasted.

Combat & Intrigue Vitals

Combat Defense: 8
Health: 12
Movement: 4 Move / Sprint 16 [Base] | 3 Move / Sprint 9 [Armored]

Intrigue Defence: 11
Composure: 9


Ser Martyn Vargas is of Dornish lineage, originating from a proud but poor family, filled with their share of knights, explorers, adventurers and dreamers. They eked out a living for generations as hedge knights and sellswords throughout Dorne. The near constant state of conflict along the Dornish Marches and within Dorne itself over the centuries provided plenty of opportunity for blood, coin and booty. At some point however, a disastrous decision was made to put what remained of the family fortune into a plan to recover and sell artifacts from Valyria. Nothing was recovered, and it’s unclear if a ship was ever actually sent on the mission at all. The family lost everything, falling deep into debt; some were thrown in prison, some fled to the Southern Isles or became mercenaries across the Narrow Sea. Some even chose the Wall.

Ser Martyn’s people chose The Reach, and the house of Blacktyde, after they received unexpected courtesy and sympathy upon their arrival to Tydehold. Martyn’s great-grandfather would tell incredible tales of battling monsters in the high desert sands of Dorne, kraken in the seas, lost heroes and mythical cities. These tales were well-received, along with some amused eye-rolling. Despite their poverty they knew how to comport themselves at court, and quickly earned a place fighting alongside the knights of House Blacktyde, pledging their swords to the House which had offered them aid.

Ser Martyn himself was born in Tydehold and started as a squire. He became a knight and fought with distinction, using strategy, tactics and persuasion in place of brute force whenever possible. He could do more with fewer troops than most commanders which quickly earned him the favor and esteem of Lord Rodrik, a noted commander in his own right. As he grew older, his status grew with him, until he was given the position of Castellan by Lord Rodrik. Now he rarely fights personally, performing the will of House Blacktyde by commanding instead. Ser Martyn now serves his liege on the training ground, drilling the armed men of Tydehold and instructing Lord Rodrik’s two sons Aegon and Daegon in the arts of warfare and swordplay. He is also often called upon to act as an emissary on behalf of House Blacktyde in their dealings in the realm at large. Ser Martyn may be a warrior at heart but his diplomatic skills are not to be discounted.

Martyn Vargas

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