Map of highgarden

Highgarden Castle is the seat of House Tyrell and the point from which all power in the region radiates. The castle itself presents a striking scene, standing over the Mander and surrounded by fields sprouting the Tyrell’s signature golden roses. It is an oft-repeated motif, as many of the members of the castle staff have the golden rose sewn onto the right breast of their clothes. The household guard is even more richly ornamented, with gilded halfhelms and cloaks of green edged in gold satin to go along with the blooming rose.

In addition to the abundance of the house flower, Highgarden boasts gardens and courtyards rich with still more blossoms, groves and flowering trees. Music frequently fills the castle grounds as the Tyrells keep many musicians at court, including fiddlers, harpers and pipers.

What is not known about Highgarden is how well it might stand up against a siege, a particular concern given it is accessible by both the Mander and the Roseroad. The Tyrells have never had to stage a defense of their seat since the War of the Usurper never drew near the area and the last house to hold dominion over the castle was extinguished far from home. But given the relative difficulty of penetrating that deep into The Reach, it is not a fear that keeps Mace Tyrell awake nights.


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