House Blacktyde

Ranking: Minor
Lands: Tydehold (Large Town)

House Fortunes & Holdings

Defense: 2 Points

  • Hall – 20 points invested. Units defending a Hall gain +4 to their Defense.

Influence: 31 Points

  • No Investments

Lands: One Domain – Large Town (Tydehold), Plains, Grasslands and River coastline.

Law: 17 points (Banditry is a problem along the fringes of the land, -5 Modifier to House Fortunes Rolls)

Population: 34 Points (Moderately sized population, +3 to House Fortunes Rolls)

Power: 9 Points

  • 1 Unit (100 Men) – Garrison (Trained) [5 Points]
  • 1 Unit (100 Men) – Infantry (Trained) [7 Points]
  • 1 Unit (100 Men) – Archers (Green) [4 Points]
  • 1 Unit (20 Men and Horses) – Cavalry (Trained) [8 Points]

Wealth: 14 Points

  • Maester – +3 Bonus to House Fortune Rolls. [10 Points]
  • Marketplace – Each month, whenever your House Fortunes would increase your Wealth, +1d6 to the result (Modified by presence of Port) [10 Points]
  • Port – +5 Bonus to House Fortune rolls. Also if you have a Marketplace, whenever a House Fortune indicates you should increase your Wealth, add +1d6 instead of just +1.


The Blacktydes have been a part of the nobility in The Reach since the time of Aegon the Conqueror. Indeed, the founder of the House, Daegar Blacktyde, was part of Aegon’s host that so conclusively destroyed the Gardener/Lannister armies on the Field of Fire. Raised up to nobility and given lands along the Mander, between Silverhill and Goldengrove, House Blacktyde founded the town of Tydehold, which serves as their seat.

The Blacktyde lands further increased after the Blackfyre Rebellion, with House Blacktyde absorbing some of House Ball’s lands after they sided with the Blackfyre’s and were subsequently extinguished.

The River Mander has been vital to the fortunes of House Blacktyde over the centuries. The Blacktyde’s have always valued martial qualities and maintain a well trained defensive force but they have always sought to trade along the river and into the oceans. As a result they are somewhat of a mercantile House, seeking profit where profit can be found and shunning poor trading opportunities.

In recent times, House Blacktyde has fallen into decline. Their support of King Aerys II during the War of the Usurper cost them dearly when Ser Arthur Blacktyde, brother of Lord Rodrik betrayed his family and opened the gates of Tydehold to the besieging Baratheon forces. The castle was sacked and much of the town’s property and wealth looted or destroyed. Lord Rodrik remains haunted by the betrayal and Ser Arthur is not welcome in his ancestral lands. The Blacktyde’s must look within themselves and find a way out of this decline before the House collapses entirely.

Notable Members

Lord Rodrik Blacktyde – Lord of Tydehold
Lady Elena Blacktyde – Wife of Lord Rodrik
Aegon Blacktyde – First son of Lord Rodrik and Lady Elena, Heir to Tydehold.
Daegon Blacktyde – Second son of Lord Rodrik and Lady Elena.
Aurane Blacktyde – Third child and only daughter of Lord Rodrik and Lady Elena.

Notable Retainers

Maester Tilion Swann – Maester to House Blacktyde.
Martyn Vargas – Castellan of Tydehold.
Rose – A hired blade from Braavos.

House Blacktyde

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